Pomade is a greasy product used to style hair. They became very popular in the early 1920’s. There are different pomade for various purposes like best matte pomade give a slick, shiny and relaxed look to the hair, which is both classy and attractive.

There are two categories of pomades, namely;

Oil-based pomades

Water-based pomades

There are pomades which fall in-between these categories, claiming to be oil-based and easily washable at the same time.

Oil-Based Pomades

Oil-based pomades are made primarily with petrolatum, petroleum, soft paraffin or mineral oil, so when buying a pomade, go through the ingredients. If it contains any of the above mentioned ingredients, then it most likely is oil-based. These were the pioneers of the pomade culture; they have been around for so many years. They give a much greasier look than water-based pomades and are water insoluble. Washing off with shampoo might also be a problem; degreasing shampoos will do the trick.

Water-Based Pomades

Water-based pomades are the “new-school” of the pomade styling culture. The first ingredient usually listed on these pomade packs is water, so if you see water as an ingredient or the term “water-soluble” written on it, it most likely is water-based.

Water-based pomades are easier to get off of hair; they usually just require water to wash off. These types of pomades aren’t as strong as oil-based pomades but will give a similar look and will keep the hold.

Applying Pomade

Pomade sticks better to clean hair so it is better to wash the hair with shampoo before applying. Dry with a towel to achieve a damp feel, not too dry and not dripping wet. Apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and rub together to even the pomade out; making easier to apply to the whole hair. If the pomade is too thick, it can be heated a little to make it lighter and easier to apply. After application, use a styling comb to achieve your desired “Godfather” look.

Washing off Pomade

Getting oil-based pomade in your hair is the easy part; washing it off is the hardest. Oil-based pomade requires not just ordinary shampoo but a degreasing one; getting it off completely will require more than one wash. If you desire to use pomade the next day, then a simple wash with shampoo will do. This way, a little bit of the pomade remains in the hair so that the amount applied the next time around will be minimal.

Water-based pomades are easy to wash off as they usually require only water, shampoo can also be used.




A good pair of nursing shoes can have a tremendous impact on your comfort levels when working for long hours. However, genuine efforts at improving your foot care and investing in necessary accessories will enhance comfort and confidence in yourself at work.

Taking regular breaks at intervals can help you stretch out and take some pressure off your legs and aching joints. Do something that isn’t work related for a few minutes, take off your shoes let your feet have access to fresh air. These might seem little, but they go a long way in prepping you up for the next few hours of work. You might be getting more work done by working non-stop but over time, this will have an adverse effect on your body system, and you might not be able to work as efficiently as before.

Due to the stress from work and possibly uncomfortable nursing shoes, you may experience blisters and swelling on foot. This can be remedied by soaking the feet in hot water. This has some soothing relief which you definitely need after a hard day’s work. Some essential oils are usually added for a pleasant feel. Tea tree oil is an example. Feet soaking also aids in blood circulation.

Exercise is a great way of improving the strength of your muscles and bones so that your body can be able to withstand more work-related pressure. Exercising leads to fewer injuries, more stability, improved blood flow and so many other benefits. With regular exercises, the body becomes optimized for completing more tasks with little effort.

If you’re dealing with a foot condition, going to the podiatrist for a check-up can improve the health of your foot. Don’t assume when it comes to your health, visit the specialist for your gait analysis and have your foot checked to know the kind of foot you have and the kind of shoes you need. Regular shoes are not made for everyone; some people require special shoes for certain disorders.

Investing in quality accessories will have a noticeable impact on the health of your feet.

The sole of your feet come in direct contact with the insoles of your shoe. A good quality insole can provide cushioning and arch support to your feet. There are different types of insoles; arch support insoles, plantar fasciitis insoles, gel insoles, etc. Go for what works for you and if unsure, seek the services of a podiatrist.

Compression socks are another great accessory that nurses shouldn’t take for granted. They add a layer of protection and support to the feet, calf and ankles. Be sure to check out the compression level of the sock before purchasing to avoid buying ones that are too tight, thereby reducing blood circulation.





Ingersoll Rand W7150 1/2″ 20V High Torque Impact Wrench is considered the most powerful wrench in the world.

20 Volt Cordless impact wrench with high torque and excessive speed efficiency on par with the enterprise-main 2135TiMAX air Impac tool TM. It is powered by way of an all-new excessive-vigour Lithium-ion battery leveraging the trendy technology in switches and motors. Power 780 ft-lb reverse torque and 1100 ft-lb nut-busting torque from a software weighing simply 6.8 lb fine just vigour to weight ratio in its category durability high-energy lithium-ion battery, all-metallic pressure teach, and bolstered housing support this instrument stand as much as the hardest jobs, plus it can be backed by using the IQV 1-2-3 warranty alleviation Optimized stability mixed with an ergonomic handle and rubber over-moulded grip provide improved remedy in extended use series Platform easy-to-use battery interface makes changing the battery quick and simple smart charging station for IQV20 batteries facets auxiliary USB port and may also be established to the wall or bench for customizable mounting excessive-vigour lithium-ion battery power plant° can provide excessive- cost capability and low inside impedance for maximum power delivery intelligent battery administration system (BMS) provides energy- level and glide-expense manage from the battery to the switch to the motor Battery gas Gauge allows you to know the way a lot charge you could have earlier than starting work.

Energy/efficiency: Ingersoll Rand claims this gun is solely as robust as their type-main 2135TiMax air have an impact on the gun. Snap On states their new CT7850 is 15% extra powerful than the CT6855, but that’s no longer sufficient to out-muscle the W7150. If you would throw axle nuts, crank pulley bolts, rusted shock bolts, sub-frames fasteners, and the whole lot else that you could. It will eat them all up. We definitely know the way powerful the Snap-On cordless influence weapons is. Lug nuts torqued to one hundred ft-lbs can be taken off with simply three-4 affects. The Ingersoll gets rid of them speedily with just 1-2 impacts. It can be now not probably the most scientific measurement for measuring torque, but it surely gives you a rough suggestion how robust it is. Correctly, it can be quicker at getting rid of lug nuts than my old Ingersoll Rand 231C!

The battery life is high-quality and it lasts slightly longer than my Snap On, regardless of both batteries being 3.0AH. That you would be able to thank the W7150’s torque for that. Now not having to hammer as long way less power wasted!

Kitchen Category

RO water purifier

The RO water purifier exactly caters the wishes of a family therefore there is no need to trouble in regards to the 4 litre purifier. As early as the water is taken out of filter, the filtration process starts to the pipeline in a little or no time. For each 10 litre of water used, it promises three litres of drinkable water and disposes the remaining 7 litre as waste water. It has 6-stage purification technology and evolved alert process concerning the maintenance. The high-quality of the water is simply identical as distilled and packaged drinking.

Now the big problem about the RO water filter is the quantity of water it wastes (around 2 litres is wasted for each 1 litre of RO water). But you should not let this water go to waste, you should gather this filter drained water and use it for watering your crops, washing flooring and for many other outdoor uses as well.

The RO water purifier is perfect for a family of three and it will serve you good. You will have we have dependency of filling water in bottle for drinking so with 6 bottles and 4 L potential tank you will in no way feel the need to get a bigger tank (additionally the dimensions of the filter is just ideal). This filter really works wonders for me.


UV water purifier                                                                                                                          

This water filter is very stylish and it works great from the first day you buy it. But as normal, the filter replacement price will cost you some money. Seems like every 12 months you have to spend approx. Rs. 4000 for filter replacement. And the other problem is that even if the tank is full and there is no electrical power, this product will not dispense any water. Therefore when you don’t have power backup and there are power cuts in your area, you should not buy this product because it won’t work effectively.

Gravity based water purifier

The water that is produced by this water filter is always tastes great even if its tap water. But you should be careful that when you are using a 4 litre filter to change the membrane so that the water can filter properly. The 4 litre is enough for only 2 people and the capability of the tank is very less which makes the filter very slow.

Although this water filter is great, it can be disappointing at times because even after filtering the water, the bad taste of the water still remains which is a turn off. So if you are looking for a filter that will change the taste of the water, this is not the product to go for.